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Beyond the White House, Capitol, and monuments, it’s Georgetown that captures the public’s imagination when they think about the glamor of old Washington. From Federal townhouses and Georgian mansions on gas-lit streets to the gothic spires of the university and the industrial chic of the waterfront, today’s Georgetown residents effortlessly combine tradition and trendiness.

  1. What to Expect
  2. Lots of tourists and shoppers drawn by Georgetown’s charm, and the congestion that goes with it.

  3. The Lifestyle
  4. Fashion-forward people watching and appreciating all the finer things in life.

  5. What Not to Expect
  6. The arrival of Metro or other dramatic changes.

  7. The Market
  8. Some of the oldest and most exclusive rowhouses and mansions in the city.

  9. You’ll Fall in Love With
  10. The beautiful streetscapes and embracing an epicurean lifestyle.


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